Beta Design Consultants have extensive experience in the integrated design of all types of steelworks structures. We carry out the following services:

  • Structural analysis and member design for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We have designed to the British Standards BS5950, Eurocode EC3, American Codes AISC ASD and AISC LRFD.
  • Steel connections/joints design for all types of structures. We do our best to standardize connections and we consider the impact of connections design and detail upfront during the structural analysis.
  • Detailing and provision of fabrication shop drawings. We have successfully completed projects in all sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare, schools and other public buildings.

These services can be offered either individually or as a pack. We can for example provide the full design from analysis to shop drawings or we can offer joints design, detailing or shop drawings, depending on the clients needs.

Structural Analysis of Steelwork Structures

Structural analysis of steel structures requires an understanding of the clients needs and architectural layout. This allow us to prepare the structural analysis to ensure the building is designed to support and safely transfer design loads to the foundations. We follow the latest building regulations and structural codes. We always strive to save our clients cost and time by considering all factors that affect budget and programme including sections procurement, joints fabrication, standardisation and construction sequence. We carry out our structural analysis using SCIA Engineer for multi-storey structures or using TEKLA TEDDS for simple one-storey structures. The use of the latest softwares allow us to optimize our designs and modify it to incorporate changes if necessary. Our track record of structural analysis services for various clients includes the following projects:

  • The structural analysis for Reglone R5
  • The structural analysis for Reglone R7
  • The structural analysis for Misc Inters Warehouse and
  • The structural analysis of Unit 9 in Ashford Industrial Estate – Warehouse with a Gantry Crane

Structural analysis of pipe support structure, KGP Plant, Bechtel UK
Staad Pro is used for analysis, AISC LRFD used for code checking

Structural analysis of an 8-storey chemical plant, Reglone 5, ICI UK
Staad Pro is used for analysis, BS5950 used for code checking

Joints/Connection Design

Beta Structural Engineering has extensive experience in the design of all types of steel connections. We have successfully completed the joints design for numerous projects. Our experience includes typical joints encountered in the residential sector such as shear/moment connections for steel picture/box frames, steel goal posts and multi-storey frames. We are also proud to have worked on much more complex connections such as connections for lifting of heavy modular units as well as connections for complex industrial buildings. We use the Steel Construction Institute publications (the Green Book) for simple straight-forward shear and moment connections. For non-typical connections, we develop our own spreadsheets that are verified to ensure complying with the industry structural codes. Our track record of joints design service for various clients includes the following projects:

  • The joints design for 147 Elgin Crescent four-storey frames to BS5950. In-house spreadsheets were used combined with the SCI green book.
  • The joints design for Unit 9 in Ashford Industrial Estate – Warehouse with a Gantry Crane. Design was carried out to BS5950. SCI green book was used.
  • The joints design for BP Compressor Shelter to AISC LRFD with AISC Seismic Provisions including requirements of AWS D1.8 for critical welds. Special joints design software Limcon was used with in-house spreadsheets.
  • The special joints design for the lifting frame of Ivar Aasen topside to Euro-code 3. In-house spreadsheets were developed.
  • The design of hollow sections joints for Ivar Aasen topside to Eurocode 3. In-house spreadsheets were developed.
  • The Finite Element Method analysis of many bespoke joints.

Beta acted as consultants for Mustang Engineering in the design of the lifting frame for a 14000 Tonne Topside, Design was to the Eurocode 3. Joints design was carried out using spreadsheets developed for the purpose.

Beta Design Consultants acted as consultants to Bechtel UK in the design of steel frames for a plant in a seismic area.
Design was to AISC LRFD using AISC seismic provision as per AWS D1.8. Joints design was by Limcon software.

Joints design for a warehouse (shelter) in Egypt, Beta acted as consultants to Bechtel UK
Design was to BS5950. Joints design was carried out using in house spreadsheets and the SCI blue book.

Specialist joint verification for DNV GL Structural Integrity Management unit in Slough where Beta acted as consultants. Design was to the Eurocode 3.

Steel Detailing and Shop Drawings

This service consolidates the structural analysis concept with the joints design into data that the fabricator can use to produce the steel. This includes the provision of detailed drawings for the steel parts (e.g. connection plates, cut beams) and steel assemblies (e.g. beams that include stiffeners, columns that have end plates). This is carried out using special softwares that are able to provide the accuracy and level of details that the fabrication process requires. At the end of the service, we can provide the fabricator with either the digital model or with files that allow the fabricator’s numerically controlled machinery to fabricate the steel. Our track record of steel detailing and shop drawings service for various clients includes the following projects:

  • The fabrication drawings for Reglone R5 structural modifications using CAD.
  • The fabrication drawings for Unit 9 in Ashford Industrial Estate modifications using CAD.
  • The fabrication drawings for BP Compressor Shelter using TEKLA.
  • The fabrication drawings for many steel structures for residential and commercial buildings in the UK using 2D CAD.

2D Fabrication Drawings for Residential Box Frame, Ealing, UK

Detailing of an Industrial Module Including Connection Design for Bechtel , Egypt

Tekla Isometric, Erection, Assembly and Single Part drawings for KGP Plant, KSA

Transfer of Tekla Module to BIM for clash checking, Kellogs, UK