An initial consultation and a site survey are an essential first step in any project. A meeting with the Client, the agent or the main contractor would achieve the following:

  • Define the scope of works. In many cases Clients have an idea about what they need and that requires definition into a formal and a professional manner. This can be discussed during a first meeting on site.
  • Define the main stages of the design process (feasibility, concept evaluation, concept selection, planning, detailing design, tendering, construction/project management).
  • Discuss the design issues including matters such as layout, construction processes, project duration, construction budget.
  • Discuss technical and financial limitations (site conditions, relation to adjacent buildings and infrastructure, impact on current occupancy, risks and ways to manage them).
  • Explore the need for engagement of contractors and early input of potential suppliers if necessary.
  • Agree ways to ensure compliance with planning, local authority requirements and building regulations.
  • Discuss party wall matters and potential impact of adjacent buildings on the design and method of construction.