Beta Structural Engineering has been providing specialist consulting advice to industrial clients since 2009. This was either done indirectly through sub-contracts with larger firms or as a direct contract with the end client. We have conducted structural condition assssments for scores of industrial buildings including chemical plants, open process structures, equipment supports structures, skid foundations, equipment shelters, access structures, pipe supporting racks, heavy equipment foundations and underground structures (e.g. sumps, culverts, abutments, retaining walls).

Our scope usually includes the following services:

Site survey to establish current condition.

Desk study to review existing documentation and as built drawings.

Preapring a scope for further investigation if required (e.g. NDT testing, coring, soil investigation).

Preparing a digital model if one does not exist.

Allowing for structural alterations and deterioration of members and connections (e.g. corrosion, carbonation of concrete, loss of rebar section).

Reviewing current loading based on client requirements, potential changes of use, applicable regulatory requirement.

Advising the client of required actions including upgrades, repairs, maintenance and monitoring. This usually considers shutdown impact, safety, execution during operation, access constraints and construction method.

Preparing reports to support the decision making process to manage risks and control budgets.