Beta Structural Engineers have extensive experience in the design and construction supervision of shallow and deep foundations. We can offer our clients economic and safe designs including the following:

  • Strip, trench and shallow pad footings design. This includes foundations of residential buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial facilities.
  • Foundations with close proximity to trees and subject to shrinkage and heave.
  • Raft foundations where ground conditions are poor, where differential settlement could be excessive, where there is a high risk of heave shrinkage, where there are pockets of poor soil.
  • Piled foundations (CFA Piles, Secant Piles, Contiguous Piles, Driven Piles, Sheet Piles, Mini Auger Piles and Screw/Helical Piles).
  • Retaining walls in reinforced concrete (cast in situ or precast), sheet piles, masonry or gravity/solid concrete.
  • Underpinning design and subsidence solutions.
  • Basement structural design including construction method statements, temporary works design and basement impact assessments.
  • Design of foundations for equipment such as pumps foundations, motors foundations, turbine foundations, compressor foundations, skid foundations including the design of foundations for dynamic loading.