Beta Design Consultants use the design drawings and the specifications to prepare tenders on behalf of the Clients. These are sent out to carefully selected principal contractors inviting them to bid. The submitted bids are then evaluation using pre-agreed and transparent evaluation metrics.

Our bid evaluation is usually based on price, technical ability and schedule. Different weight is assigned to the score of each metric and this ultimately depends on the Client’s requirements.

  • Price: Some Clients place greater emphasis on price, and we agree on this approach for simple and clearly defined projects with low technical risks.
  • Schedule: Some clients place their priority on getting the project completed as soon as possible and they would place greater emphasis on the construction schedule. The evaluation would then consider the ability of a bidder to mobilize resources and complete on time.
  • Technical Ability: In more challenging projects, with higher technical and construction risks, a greater emphasis is placed on technical competence, prior similar experience and the ability of the contractor to manage these risks competently.


Our architectural and structural engineers have prepared tender packages and advised clients on projects ranging in value from £100k to multi-million complex projects, these include:

  • Structural steel structures fabrication and installation. We visited yards to assess capacity and resources, evaluated bids and advised Clients. We also evaluated sub-suppliers.
  • Upgrades to industrial plants.
  • Extension of commercial buildings.
  • Repair of NHS Assets.
  • Refurbishment of residential buildings.
  • New residential buildings.
  • Geotechnical works, basements and ground works to install retaining walls or cut into slopes.
  • Repairs of masonry buildings.
  • Repairs of concrete buildings.
  • Repairs of steel structures.