Beta Design Consultants supervise site activities on behalf of the Client to ensure construction works are implemented in accordance with Contract, the project design drawing and specifications. Construction Site Supervision will ensure quality, safe and timely completion of construction works.

Beta Design Consultants will not only administer the construction contracts, they would also carry out visits to ensure all works comply with the approved engineering designs and technical specifications, agreed schedule and budget, terms and conditions of the contracts, standard engineering practice, and warranty suppliers requirements. Our engineers would provide general guidance and issue instructions to contractors; make decisions in consultation with the Client on quality control and implementation issues.

Typical tasks during site supervision include:

  • Notifying contractors of remedial works and materials that fail to comply with specifications.
  • Monitoring and supervising progress of contractors’ works.
  • Checking that “as built” drawings are prepared if necessary as construction processes
  • Ensuring road safety design requirements are implemented following the contract specifications.
  • Establishing procedures to verify contractor performance and report progress and problems on time, including quality control reports, quantity survey records, requests for variation or change orders, and contractor’s claims and invoices.
  • Evaluating any proposed changes (e.g. time, scope, and cost) by the contractor during the execution.
  • Certifying work volume, and processing interim and final payments of the contractors.
  • Ensuring timely submission of contractors’ interim payment certificates, and release of payment.
  • Ensuring project financial management procedures are in place and are strictly followed, specifically relating to payments, financial accounting, requests for time extension, and contractor’s claims and invoices.
  • Reporting to the Client on the works implementation schedule, highlighting any unforeseen delays, and proposing timely propose corrective measures.