Beta Design Consultants have successfully completed the design, modification and repair design of many commercial buildings. These include

  • Commercial developments structure and foundation design
  • Mixed developments civil and structural design
  • Retail units, warehouses and storage units
  • Change of use of commercial developments
  • Extensions of commercial units
  • Removal of walls, columns and structural alterations
  • Structural repairs and refurbishment
  • Structural surveys and condition assessment
  • Beam design (timber, steel, concrete)
  • Steel, concrete, composite and timber frames

Conversion of Mill to Offices and Flats, Dean Clough Mills, HX3 Halifax

Masonry Repair Design, Vicar Lane, LS1 Leeds

Structural Assessment of Mixed Use Development, LS1 Leeds

Removal of Internal Wall in Commercial Property Hounslow Council Box Frame Open Plan-min
Commercial Restaurant-min
Structural Modification Office Building RC Framed-min
  • CPS House Jacketing to Strengthen RC Beams
  • Stanmore House Column Removal and Concrete Frame Strengthening
  • Polybags Ltd Warehouse Extension in Lyon Way