Beta Design Consultants have extensive experience in the integrated design of all types of reinforced concrete buildings. We carry out the following services:

  • Structural analysis and member design for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We have designed to the British Standards BS8110, Eurocode EC2, American Code ACI318.
  • Structural strengthening design of RC frames, beam-column connections, beams, columns, slabs and walls. This includes composite repairs using FRP (carbon plates and wrapping fibre), HPC, jacketing, post installed shear stregthening (using studs, plates or wrapping).
  • Rebar detailing and bending schedules for all types of RC buildings. We do our best to standardize sections and we consider the impact of member design and detail upfront during the structural analysis.

We have successfully completed projects in all sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, energy (inc utilities, oil and gas), healthcare, schools, leisure, and other public buildings.

These services can be offered either individually or as a pack. We can for example provide the full design from analysis to bar bending schedules or we can offer detailing of bar bending schedule depending on the client’s needs.

We have invested in the latest BIM and Software packages. We use SCIA Engineer for our structural design and analysis. We use Idea Statica to examine connections and complex geometry. We use Tekla Structures for 3D modelling of rebar.

Structural Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Structural analysis of concrete buildings requires an understanding of the clients needs and architectural layout. This allows us to prepare the structural analysis to ensure the building is designed to support and safely transfer design loads to the foundations. We follow the latest building regulations and structural codes. We always strive to save our clients cost and time by considering all factors that affect budget and programme including formwork, sequence of placement, standardisation and construction programme to allow other trades to progress. We carry out our structural analysis using SCIA Engineer for multi-storey structures or using TEKLA TEDDS for simple one-storey structures. The use of the latest softwares allows us to optimize our designs and modify it to incorporate changes if necessary. Our track record of structural analysis services for various clients includes the following projects:

  • The structural analysis for Reglone R5 foundations
  • The structural analysis of Unit 9 in Ashford Industrial Estate – Warehouse with a Gantry Crane and the assessment of existing foundations for the additional loading

Reinforced Concrete Structures Detailing and Bar Bending Schedules

Beta Design Consultants have extensive experience in the detailing of all types of reinforced concrete structures to provide bar bending schedules. Our experience includes typical members used in the residential sector such as beams, columns, slabs, stairs, walls, foundations and piles. We are also proud to have worked on much more complex projects such as spiral staircases, retaining walls, pile caps, capping beams, rafts and ground beams.

We use the with the industry structural codes.

Our deliverables (drawings and design reports) include the structural analysis report, the general arrangement drawings, the specifications, and if within scope the detailed drawings for each member. This means that when commissioned, we provide bar bending schedule with the shape code and length of each bar. This is carried out using special softwares that are able to provide the accuracy and level of details that the formwork / groundwork subcontractor and rebar suppliers need to carry out the works. We can provide the contractor with the digital model and with files that allow the rebar suppliers to cut, bend and supply the rebar accurately and allow the formwork suppliers and installers to place concrete and its rebar as per the design.

Our track record of concrete analysis and detailing service for various clients includes the following projects:

  • The design and detailing for the foundations of many residential and commercial buildings in the UK using 2D CAD.
  • The design and detailing for Reglone R7 Plant foundations.
  • The design and detailing for 89 Parkstone Avenue spiral staircase, slab with large opening, curved edge beams, shear walls and foundations.
  • The design and detailing for retaining walls, basement walls, basement slabs, raft foundations, piles, pile caps and capping beams.