We offer cost-effective design of new residential buildings. We work with homeowners, developers, architects, builders and agents to prepare concept stage, planning stage and detailed construction drawings.

We are happy to support our clients with budgeting and planning advice. We have supported our clients and acted as agents to secure planning through the following services:

  • Concept design
  • Permitted development
  • Full Planning Applications

We advise on the suitable layout (architecturally and structurally) using both traditional and modern materials. We work closely with private-sector developers and their agents, as well as with housing associations and local authorities to achieve the best commercial design.

Our portfolio is expanding and we are resourced to provide architectural, civil and structural engineering design services for the following development types:

  • Internal modifications
  • Conversions of existing properties into flats
  • Change of use from office use, industrial use and retail use into domestic use.
  • Lofts and roof conversions
  • Single storey extensions
  • Two storey extensions
  • Side extensions
  • Small scale developments of flats, detached houses or terraced houses.
  • Two/three-storey developments of flats, houses and townhouses.
  • Multi-storey developments including mixed use developments with a retail/commercial unit at ground floor or basement levels.

We are often engaged at the early stages of planning or immediately after planning approval. We advise the client and the contractor on the advantages and disadvantages of different structural solutions:

  • Traditional masonry walls with timber floors
  • Steel frames with timber floors
  • Concrete frames
  • Steel frames with composite slabs
  • Steel frames with beam and block floors
  • Timber frames

We design taking into account the cost implications, the skillset of the contractor, the aesthetics and architectural details, the spans/loads/layout of the building. Our team uses the latest computer-aided-design CAD tools to design and detail the structural solutions. We support our drawings with a set of specifications that ensures our designs are built safely, on time and within budget. We follow up with site visits as and when required to ensure effective communication with the contractor team during construction and to maintain a cooperative team spirit until completion.

Beta Design Consultants have carried out assessments and structural designs for many industrial and commercial units. Typical alterations include the removal of walls and the addition of new units or adding gantry cranes.

Beta Structural Engineers have worked with many clients in Londonto create open plan arrangement in their premises especially restaurants and retail units.

Beta Structural Engineers carried out an assessment for the brickwork condition in this historical vicotrian building which was converted from an industrial to a mixed office-residential development.

Beta Structural Engineers have worked with many London-basedclients to add mezzanice floors or additional loading to their existing units.

Structural modifications to council-owned commercial building, Sezlers Restaurant, Isleworth

Structural modifications to council-owned commercial building, Sezlers Restaurant, Isleworth

Repair design of NHS Surgery, Ealing

  • CPS House Jacketing to Strengthen RC Beams
  • Stanmore House Column Removal and Concrete Frame Strengthening
  • Polybags Ltd Warehouse Extension in Lyon Way