The building regulations package will ensure compliance with the following Building Regulations.

  • Approved Document A (Structure)
  • The structural design covers the foundations, ground floor slab, walls, walls removal, sizes and supports for new steel beams or steel frames (e.g. goal posts or box frames), lintels specification, joists sizes spacing and layout (for floors and roofs), trimmers around stairs or skylights, chimney support steels or gallows brackets, specifications for materials to be used, requirements to ensure stability and prevention of disproportionate collapse (vertical straps, lateral restraint straps, vertical and horizontal ties) and other requirements for compliance with Document A.
  • Approved Document B (Fire)
  • The specifications will set out requirements to provide fire detection, means of escape, measures to limit the spread of fire and reasonable access and facilities for the fire service.
  • Approved Document E (Sound Insulation)
  • The specification would cover acoustic performance details. This is usually applicable to residential developments of flats but we recommend that it is also incorporated in all dwellings to improve acoustic performance. This will reduce vibration, control noise travel, improve the quality of the dwelling and add to the property value.
  • Approved Document F (Ventilation)
  • The specifications would provide details to ensure proper ventilation and meeting the requirements for air-tightness. This aims to provide fresh air, remove CO2, remove airborne pollutants, remove excess moisture, remove excess heat and provide air to fuel burning appliance.
  • Approved Document H (Drainage and Waste Disposal)
  • The specifications will deal with requirements of foul water drainage, wastewater drainage, rainwater drainage, building over sewers and solid waste storage.
  • Approved Document L (Fuel Conservation)
  • The package will include construction details and specifications for the insulation of the floors, walls and roofs. We provide details that are compliance with the enhanced accredited construction details and ensure meeting or exceeding the required U values.
  • Approved Document M (Access)
  • The package will include details to provide access and alternative means of access to all potential users of the dwellings and other building types. Our specifications and construction details aim to comply with Part M by addressing specific user needs, enabling disabled and older occupants to maximize thein own individual abilities, minimizing adverse effects resulting from reduced mobility, facilitating independent living.
  • Approved Document P (Electrical Safety)
  • The package will include details for the safe installation of electrical appliances as well as routing and locations of switches, sockets, and cabling. It also allows for self certification when applicable.

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