Beta Structural Engineering has extensive experience in the design, assessment, repair specification and modification of industrial structures. Our previous clients include tenants and owners of warehouses, sheds, processing and chemical plants.

A typical task that some clients engage us for, is the design /check of an existing structure for the loads of a new gantry crane or an upgraded one.

We typically check the existing structure and its foundations for the new loads added by the new gantry. This would include the vertical loads as well as the horizontal forces (braking, acceleration, nominal) induced by the crane. We use the latest 3D structural analysis softwares to carry out our checks.  We then design any members required to ensure the structure is able to withstand the new loads and transfer them safely to the ground. This may include adding new beams, new columns, new braces and even new foundations in some cases.

We provide our clients with a report that summarizes the findings, recommendations and a bill of quantities/material take off for the required steel members and/or foundations. Our report includes a detailed input/output for the structural analysis to back up the findings. This report is usually approved by the Client’s Engineer or by the Landlord’s surveyor or appointed 3rd Party Engineer.

Where the addition of a gantry crane requires many steel members; our services include the provision of detailed steel fabrication drawings. This is based on connection design that we undertake to provide detailed shop drawings. The client can then pass these drawings to any steel yard to procure the steel.


Assessment of ICI Reglone R5 Plant for Monorails Additional Loading

Assessment of Syngenta Misc Inters Plant for Monorail Additional Loading

Assessment and upgrade of Unit 19 Ashford industrial estate for 5T Gantry Crane added by Vaughan Fabrications