Beta Structural Engineering was set up in West London in June 2009. We have grown from working for a small number of established clients to working for a long list of contractors, developers, education and health clients, estate agents, steel fabricators and members of the public.

Our clients include:

Steel Fabricators
Mareth Steel Fabrications
Vaughan Steel Fabrications

Commercial & Public Bodies

Focus 24 TV
Argyle Surgery
NHS England
Campsie Commercial Ltd.
Bourne Build
Technests (Restaurants)
Harrow Bakery
Sizzlers Restaurant (Isleworth)
Intelligence Security
Reg Vardy Car Dealers
AM Electrics

Members of the public, homeowners andhomebuyers
Opes Real Estate
Northfields Estage Agents
Hamiltons Estate Agents
Solstice Developers (London and Isle of Man)
RHP Housing Cooperative
Kempton Carr Property Management

Energy Sector
Bechtel UK
Shaw UK Ltd
Noble Denton
Mustang Engineering

Our team has degree-qualified civil, structural and architectural engineers as well as CAD Designers. 

FAHED MAIDA, CIVIL STRUCTURAL ENGINEER (MEng Civil Engineering, MSc Structural Engineering)

Fahed is a Structural Engineer with 18 years of engineering design experience. He holds an MSc in Structural Engineering from City University of London and an MEng in Civil Engineering from Aleppo University. Fahed started his career on site as a Field Design Engineer where he spend four years dealing with construction-related technical queries. He then joined a major consulting firm (AECOM) for three years and worked on the refurbishment and upgrade of large scale projects. This included the industrial plants of Imperial Chemical Works (formerly ICI - now Syngenta) and the conversion of the iconic Dean Clough Mills to flats and offices. Fahed left AECOM to join a global construction - Bechtel. For three years, he worked as a Senior Structural Sngineer and was responsible for the successful design and coordination with Field Engineers on large scale steel and concrete structures. Since setting up the company in London in 2009, he has provided civil/structural consultant services on a large number of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Clients that have used Beta services include BP, DNV, KBR, Mustang, Bechtel, Hamilton Estate Agents, Reg Vardy, Intelligence Security and numerous residential clients. Fahed has a special interest in the assessment, refurbishment and alteration of existing/historic buildings. His portfolio includes a research project on the iconic London Smithfield Market, the conversion of Dean Clough Mills into a mixed residential/commercial development and the refurbishment of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Works. Fahed is a graduate member of the Institute of Structural Engineers IStructE.

On a personal note, Fahed was born in Syria (Hasake). He obtained his Civil Engineering degree from Aleppo University in 1999. He won a scholarship to study Master's in Structural Engineering in London and then migrated to the UK on the highly skilled migration scheme. He is married and has two children.


Wisdom is a Chartered Structural Engineer with 15 years engineering design experience. Wisdom holds an MSc in Structural Engineering and Material Science from Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany. Wisdom started his career at AECOM UK where he worked on the structural assessment and upgrade design for the historic Imperial Chemical Industries works in Huddersfield (now Syngenta). He then moved to work as a Senior Structural Engineer and a Technical Authority in a consulting capacity for major engineering, procurement and construction firms on large scale multi-billion industrial and energy projects.  His portfolio includes the successful design of industrial scale steel connections for the oil and gas industry, the bespoke structural design for North  Sea oil rigs and the structural design for the upgrade of Reglone R7 plant in ICI Huddersfield works (now Syngenta). Wisdom acts as a consulting structural engineer for Beta Structural Engineering. 

On a personal note, Wisdom was born in Ghana. He holds an MEng degree in Civil Engineering and an MSc degree in Structural Engineering. He is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers (London).  He is married and has three children.


Maes is an Architectural Engineer with two years of design experience. Before joining the company, Maes worked as a design engineer in the Middle East for a year where she worked on the architectural design of multi-storey residential buildings. Since joining the company, she has worked on the conceptual and detailed design of loft conversions, house extensions, house conversions to flats and new residential developments.Maes has a special interest in the habitable space. She places great emphasis on the efficient use of space to suit the daily needs of the modern lifestyle.

On a personal note, Maes was born in Syria (Homs). She learnt the basics of housing design from her personal and professional experience in the old cities of the Middle East (Damascus, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Cairo, Alexandria, Beirut). She has a passion for designing modern living spaces in traditional contexts with rich historical character.